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Tom Corley, Pastor

True Family and World Peace

Price: $5.00
A collection of 26 major speeches given by Reverend and Mrs. Moon between 1990 and 2000. HSA Publications, 240 pages, softcover

Holy Song Book

Price: $12.00
Holy songs and popular songs used within the Unification movement. For large quantities call for discount, 216 pages, softcover

Messiah - Volume I

Price: $30.00
An autobiography by Dr. Bo Hi Pak.
"A search for a higher purpose and a testimony to Reverend Moon's life, philosophy, values and commitments," 420 pages, hardcover

Messiah - Volume II

Price: $40.00
By Dr. Bo Hi Pak. Translated by Andrew Lausberg, 522 pages, hardcover.

Sun Myung Moon, The Early Years: 1920-53

Price: $15.00
A biography of the early life of Sun Myung Moon.
Michael Breen, Refuge Books, 196 pages (with photos), softcover

True Family Values

Price: $18.00
A revised and extended second edition of the first volume, carrying the same title.
Joong Hyun Pak and Andrew Wilson, 403 pages, paperback

Life in the Spirit World and on Earth

Price: $10.00
Dr. Sang Hun Lee. Messages from the Spirit World, 144 pages, softcover

Messages from the Spirit World (Vol. II)

Price: $10.00
All of Dr. Lee's material, including messages from angels, Lucifer, Confucius, Buddha, and many others.
Dr. Sang Hun Lee, 250 pages, softcover

Cloud of Witnesses - 1

Price: $5.00
Sang Hun Lee. Testimonies by the Apostles and Saints in Heaven

Cloud of Witnesses - 2

Price: $5.00
Sang Hun Lee. Amazing and Great Truth: Testimony by Confucius

Cloud of Witnesses - 3

Price: $5.00
Sang Hun Lee. Secrets of Heaven: Testimony by the Buddha

Cloud of Witnesses - 4

Price: $5.00
Testimonies of Repentance by Communists

Cloud of Witnesses - 5

Price: $5.00
God is the Parent of All Humanity: A Proclamation by Representatives of the Five Great Religions

The Spirit Person and the Spirit World

Price: $17.00
An other-dimensional primer that systematically addresses issues regarding the spirit person and spirit world.
Kerry Pobanz, 270 pages, softcover

Address written correspondence with purchase information to:

Family Federation of Long Island
45 Front Street
Hempstead, NY 11550
(516) 481-7322

Tom Corley, Pastor

The Principle of Creation
How can we know the nature of God, who is invisible? We can know it through observing the Creation. Just as the work of an artist is a visible manifestation of its maker's invisible nature, every being in the Creation is a substantial manifestation of the invisible nature of God, its Creator.

The Fall of Man
Every person has an original mind whose nature is to pursue goodness and repel evil. But fallen people are unconsciously driven by an evil force to commit evil acts, contrary to the desires of their original mind. In Christianity, the one who controls this evil force is known as Satan. This chapter, "The Fall," makes clear the identity of Satan and the origin of evil.

Mission of the Messiah
What is salvation? Salvation is restoration: to save a drowning person is to rescue him and restore him to the state he was in before he began to drown. God's salvation of man means God's restoration of fallen and sinful man to his original state of goodness -- to the position where he can fulfill the Purpose of the Creation.
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