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     On July 15, 2017 Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon addressed a nearly overflow crowd at Madison Square Garden in NYC. Her speech, while relatvely short, is profound in its implications for the nation. Read it here: Peace Starts With Me. Afterward, take the time to indulge the Reverend Sun Myung Moon's landmark 1974 MSG address: The New Future of Christianity.) These important moments inform America of God and True Parents' dream for humankind, and the meaning of the Completed Testament Age.

Cable TV Presentations

We present on television a 26-week series called Divine Principles, which can roughly be divided into three main parts: God's Original Ideal for Creation, the Fall of Man, and the History of Restoration and Mission of the Messiah.

The series consists of fifteen, 90-minute DVDs. However, due to the time constraints of a public access channel, we are unable to show each complete lecture on one TV program. FYI, the title and content of each lecture is available under the "Lectures" link. The lecture presentations are on DVD and can be ordered individually for $10 or the complete set for $150 by calling (516) 481-7322. If you have any questions about ordering or any comments on the lectures themselves, or on anything else, please drop us an email or offer us some feedback.

God Bless you and your family.

Tom Corley, Center Director & Pastor

Newly Revised Lectures Now on DVD

     The Divine Principles lecture series has been completely updated, with an excellent new lecturer and modern presentation, and is now available on DVD. As good as the previous presentations were, it was time to update this vital educational tool. Our deepest thanks to those dedicated family members who made this critical contribution. Their efforts, under the guidance of Reverend Corley, must be heralded and are much appreciated. The lectures will surely be studied and enjoyed for many years to come.

     We hope readers of these pages will invest a few moments of time to understand the Divine Principles lectures. Nothing helps initiate lasting change in our lives like learning more of the truth of God, and learning about God and His purpose for our lives. It is time never wasted.

(For our new Cable TV show schedule, Click Here!)
The Principle of Creation
How can we know the nature of God, who is invisible? We can know it through observing the Creation. Just as the work of an artist is a visible manifestation of its maker's invisible nature, every being in the Creation is a substantial manifestation of the invisible nature of God, its Creator.

The Fall of Man
Every person has an original mind whose nature is to pursue goodness and repel evil. But fallen people are unconsciously driven by an evil force to commit evil acts, contrary to the desires of their original mind. In Christianity, the one who controls this evil force is known as Satan. This chapter, "The Fall," makes clear the identity of Satan and the origin of evil.

Mission of the Messiah
What is salvation? Salvation in restoration: to save a drowning person is to rescue him and restore him to the state he was in before he began to drown. God's salvation of man means God's restoration of fallen and sinful man to his original state of goodness -- to the position where he can fulfill the Purpose of the Creation.
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